Getting to know you.

Birth is not only an amazing journey, but a Sacred Transformation of body, mind and soul. We can keep our selves so busy throughout pregnancy that we never take the time for reflection and contemplation and awareness of the great implications of that transformation. Or we can honor the process, the journey, the transformation. We can slow down and look deeply within. We can (try to!) take time for ourselves in silence and listen to the great wisdom within. We can get to know ourselves better than we ever have before and learn to honor our true selves, our whole selves. Is this selfish or self indulgent? Hardly. This is the natural awakening of the wise woman, the mother that is birthing within. The more we each know, understand and honor our selves, the more we are able to fully know, understand and honor those around us, including the new life growing within and the changing relationships this new life will bring.

We begin this journey with reflection and contemplation: who am I now, and where am I going?

With the intensity of emotions, intuition, hormones, life changes and natural tendency for inner reflection, pregnancy allows the woman a beautiful opportunity to tap into your inner wisdom. Now is the natural time of reflection. Take the time; make the time.

So now, let’s look at you. Your whole self. The Whole Woman. Body, mind and soul. Who you are now.

The following exercise will give you a simple visual of your life. An opportunity to see your life unfolding, and understand the whole self, the whole you. With this exercise, I hope to give you a chance to express who you are, where you’re coming from, and how you see your life evolving. You may want to articulate your core beliefs, how you identify yourself, your accomplishments, your history, your wounds (we’ll discuss this more in depth later).

Let’s begin by looking at the spiral of your life. Your life unfolding with a natural expanding flow. Give yourself the honor of some quiet, personal, private time and allow yourself to go deep within. Or keep this light, and treat it like an arts-and-crafts project you might have enjoyed in school. Whatever you feel comfortable with. This is for you.

On a blank sheet of paper, start with a small dot in the center. That’s you at birth or conception. If you feel there are influences from past lives, then that dot can be a small circle indicating the substance with which you bring into this life. Then starting at that center, draw a spiral forming outward from that point, around and around and around, expanding to fill the page. There! That’s your life on a piece of paper. Pretty simply, yes? Now it’s time to make it more complex.

Now let’s fill in the details. Let’s take a look at the spiral of your life unfolding, beginning with your first memories and extending outward to now. Start filling in some points along the way of the spiral. Go ahead and mark these right on the page, perhaps with a dot on the spiral, indicating the time frame with which each life event occurred.

What are your glories, your growths, your traumas, your patterns? What were the formative incidents, the highlights, the setbacks, events that left a big impact on you, the specific situations you recall that influenced your development, the relationships that touched  you deeply, rites of passage, or simple memories that left an impression on you.

Go ahead, mark up that spiral! Fill it up with all the fun, happy, sad, big or little memories that you can think of that helped to create YOU. This is not a chance to blame, point fingers, get bummed out, or think about those “woulda/coulda/shoulda” situations, but rather express. Observe. Reflect. Realize. Without judgment, but with curiosity. Be open. Positive. Smile about it, laugh at it, roll your eyes. It’s all in the past, so you have the ability to observe, reflect and understand – but you must remember always that the past is past. It’s not here and now except in your mind. In your thoughts. How do you choose to look at those thoughts? For now, let’s look without criticism, and with inquisitiveness. Let’s use this opening as an opportunity to empower and elevate!

When you are done looking at the past part of the spiral which brought you to the here and now, then take a few minutes and consider this. This is only the beginning. That spiral, this page, represents only your past. Bringing you to where you are right now.  And every minute that passes, that spiral is extending.  By this time next year, that spiral will have taken on a huge new loop around. What about in five years? Ten years? Twenty?

Close your eyes, if you will, and just consider the vastness of the expansion of that spiral. How far will it go? How full will it be? What points do you envision on that line that will be the important and influential ones? What goals, dreams, desires, plans, promises do you think might be a part of that future? Go with it. Flow with it. For a few minutes, just imagine your future unfolding as a spiral extending outward from this page. Around and around and around, ever growing. Of course you’ll never really know what the future holds, but you can make believe. You can dream. Go ahead and dream…

Okay, now slowly open your eyes. See where you are. Here. Now.

Breathe it in. It is a beautiful place. See the beauty. Find the beauty. Know you are creating the beauty. With one hand on your belly and one on your heart, appreciate all you have here and now. You have so much. You are so much. You have come through so much already, and have so much more to go.

Enjoy this journey. Enjoy the Sacred Transformation that you are now within.