Keeping the Sacred Journal.

Today I’d like to introduce you to The Sacred Journal. As a writer, journaling is dear to me. I have kept a journal for as long as I can remember. There’s an old story I’ll share with you some time about burning a bunch of them that remained from my teenage angst years. Mostly I keep them though they remain unread, tucked away somewhere beneath stacks of old newspaper clippings and worn Levi jeans.

My journals have been a space and place in which I can vent, unwind, express, explore. Some days it’s about creative expression and the poetry flows; other days it’s about me getting in touch and in tune with a dark mood or a concerning situation. One of my favorite things to write about is simply what I see. I live in a beautiful land, so writing about what I see from window or out on a walk is often a beautiful expression with words.

Journal writing is part of my daily ritual and has helped me to awaken and realize and relax. It is a powerful tool and has the potential for intuitive outpourings and creative expressions. With the surge of strong emotions, sensitivities and insight brought to the surface during pregnancy and the postpartum, now is wonderful time to begin Sacred Journal writing. I ask that you honor yourself by trying. Use it as you will. Write about your day, your dreams, write poetry, stories, or write to your unborn child.

There’s no right or wrong to journaling, and no better time to begin than now.

The first assignment is to treat yourself to a special notebook and pen. Stop into a gift store or shop on-line for something that feels good in your hands and is pleasing to your eyes. If you prefer simple, a lined spiral notebook will do the job. And then, start writing.

What should you write? I’m not big on the word “should.” There is no “should” here. Write whatever you want. I’ll happily share prompts and ideas to get you going if you’d like. To start with, how about beginning an on-going list of quotes to inspire you and/or share with your child someday?  When my son turned thirteen, to give him something to make the transition into being a teen more special, I gave him a leather bound journal I had been keeping for years for him, filled with words of wisdom. Not mine, which for a teen made it better. Just things I found, loved, and took the time to write down over the years from books I read, stories I heard, things I saw on the internet, that sort of thing.

If you can write every day, wonderful.  Make it a routine. I know finding the time is not easy. Once again, this journey is not about perfection, but acceptance and understanding in the process of expansion. Treat yourself lovingly. Write when you can. If it helps to set aside a special time where you can be alone to think and write, that usually helps. You, know, the routine thing. Maybe wake even earlier (you’ll be getting up in the dark with me before you know it!). For some women, at the end of the day, writing in bed is the best way to unwind.

The Sacred Journal is a time to reflect and release. Taking the time to put things in writing can be both honorable to your inner wisdom and helpful to clarify your mind and soul. I call it Sacred because I feel it is. These are your words, your expression, your release. A space and place that is all your own that will not be shared with any one else, ever, unless you so choose. That aspect of privacy allows for tremendous  opening, and you may find yourself tapping into deeper places within your heart, soul and mind that you have not dared to touch before. You can. Here in your Sacred Journal, you are safe. This is yours. Your space. All yours. Enjoy it.

I’ll talk about this more in future articles.  For now, this week, please keep your eyes and heart open to receive words of inspiration. Look on the internet, Pinterest, in your favorite books, The Bible, sacred texts, on calendars, incoming mail or outgoing thoughts for quotes, notes, muses and impressions. Write them down in your new Sacred Journal, and begin your own treasure trove of inspiration.

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