Defining Well Being.

As we are all special and unique, our individual status of well being is also special and unique.  What works for me may not work for you. Through introspection, self discovery, awareness and attention we learn how to create and maintain our own dynamic state of optimum wellbeing. Others (myself included) may make suggestions. But only you will know yourself best. Turn to others for encouragement, inspiration, ideas and sometimes expertise when need be. And then look within yourself to find the answers which support and enhance your own inner truth for your own wellbeing. You are your own greatest authority.

In general, a person’s wellbeing is based upon the body/mind/soul principles, which are ideally harmoniously balanced with our individual and circumstantial needs and situations. Often overlooked but equally affecting one’s wellbeing are matters of relationships, social changes, spirituality, emotions, life changes, depression and personal feelings. As we’ve started to consider with our discussion of the Nurturing Wheel, we have so many interesting, individual facets to our whole being. Conscious awareness, as well as adequate attention, nurturing and efforts to be in balance with all of these elements together, result in what we call “well being.”

Well Being is based and balanced upon the Whole Being.

For now, we’re going to focus on the most obvious element of wellbeing: the physical. Your body. Though this is but one of many elements which together comprise the Whole Self, this is a logical place to begin as the changes happening to and within your pregnant body are both visible, observable, important and fascinating. Your body is amazing. Every time I think of what our bodies are capable of, the natural and seemingly unconscious growth and nurturing of new life within us, I am filled with gratitude, humility, respect and awe.

As a gentle reminder, as you probably have already noticed, everyone knows you’re pregnant. It’s not an easy thing to hide, and most of us would not want to. This makes pregnancy both a private and a public transformation. Yes, public. You’re growing a new member of society, and really, you know, the excitement is contagious. And so, it seems, your current condition is fair game to comment on – though of course in most every case, with the greatest of intentions. In pregnancy, isn’t it amazing how many people will freely give you advice? And most advice is naturally based upon what they did, what worked for them, their body, their birth. So… in gratitude, receive – and release as need be. Look within, feel what advice resonates well with you, your body, your baby. Let the rest go. Do not feel obliged, guilty or wrong. No one knows you better than you. Once again, remember to take this all in stride. People mean well, but only you will know the deepest answers to your own wellbeing and that of the baby within you.

Physical wellbeing can be defined as the body’s ability to handle activity, change, regular input and output, pleasure and pain, stress and relaxation, while maintaining homeostasis, or the balance of the elements within the body. Throughout your pregnancy, you’re adding to this list the impressive bodily changes of increased blood volume, changes in lung capacity, insulin production and processing, shifting of internal organs, and so much more And of course, added to this already impressive list is the seemingly miraculous 24/7 being on call for nurturing a growing being without actively doing anything or being aware of making this happen, other than eating well, exercising moderately, and getting enough rest and relation. Wow! And after birth, our body passes through the normal and natural phase of healing and the return to homeostasis of the non-pregnant body, and probably even nursing – creating and fulfilling the complete nutritional needs of another being with your body.

And through it all, more often than not, your body just does it, beautifully and naturally. And though we may say “unconsciously,” clearly most of us are very well aware, and make our decisions for wellbeing of body, mind, soul, and baby now more than ever, accordingly and wisely.

Remember, the physical is just one element of your Whole Self, and thus your complete Well Being. Take some time looking back over your Nurturing Wheel and consider how each element affects your whole being and your well being.

Wow. Just wow.

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