Personal Growth.

This week, we’ll be sharing a series of articles based upon the topic of Personal Growth for the Pregnant Woman.

Personal Growth is an ambiguous yet frequently used expression. Because of the word “personal,” we have to understand that this is a relative term. Yes, it is personal. Likewise, it is different things for different people. And different for each of us in different stages of our lives. To begin with, please consider for a moment what Personal Growth means to you now.

Pregnancy is a time of all kinds of growth. Your body is growing. Your baby is growing. Your uterus is growing. Your breasts are growing. Your family is growing. Your responsibility is growing. And as we’ve been discussing in the other articles here, your whole self is growing.

An important aspect of growth is healing. Sometimes we are unable to move onward if the past is dragging us down. Therefore, we take the time to heal the past in order that we may then grow toward to the future in the most healthy way we can.

Pregnancy is a wonderful time to look deep within and work on healing. You know a certain degree of personal growth will happen regardless, because circumstances like birth and motherhood by nature will create change, and change by nature is growth. But if you’re interested in making the most of pregnancy, birth and motherhood, now is an incredibly powerful time. Pregnancy by nature is a wonderful opportunity to commit to yourself for exploring and taking the time to consider and work on what it takes to grow as a person. You are already doing that by reading these and other articles, filled with challenges and reflections and topics that inspire growth within your mind and soul.

The following topics are some big steps you can take into the wild waters of personal growth. They are not easy steps to take. They can be painful, frightening and harsh. But the unveiled truth and understanding revealed in the process may be some the most powerful and profound healing your mind and soul will ever experience. These topics are among the greatest lessons you can give your attention to if you wish to heal your self, and be a healthier, more whole person… and mother.

As a midwife, they have served to shake me up, look deep within at the reality inside me, and then offer tools so that I may do something about it if need be. Sometimes just understanding and acceptance is all we need to do. For sweeping under the carpet, ignoring or otherwise pretending issues don’t exist, like fingers in the ears, or fingers in the dam – these things don’t hold the waters back for long, do they?

So I ask that you look these straight in the eyes.  Deep in the soul. Accept the challenge. Get to the root of these topics. And begin to heal your inner, secret, hidden wounds so that you may move forward being the mother you want to be, the woman you desire to be, the higher self you are beneath the baggage you hold onto.

Tomorrow, let’s begin with a conversation on Ideology.

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