Continuing on with Personal Growth.

Now, with an understanding of our own Ideology, let’s take a look at Woundology.

Woundology is the understanding that our wounds too can define us. Remember here that “can” need not mean “will.” We do have a choice. We may choose to bring our wounds to light in order that we may choose to create healing.

Woundology is the practice of looking deep within ourselves to see which wounds we still hold on to, and which wounds actually hold us hostage. These wounds may be hidden in our secret, dark corners of our soul, or may be wide open for all to see.

We allow (usually not intentionally) our wounds to define us and shelter us by blocking out the truth. What would happen if we released these wounds?

Freedom. Oh yes. But… Look inside. Dive deep and explore. Have you too wounds? Who among us does not – except the one who has faced them all.

Perhaps it is the birth wound, the earth wound, the childhood wound. The wounded lover, the wounded pride, the wounded warrior, the wounded spirit. The victim, the poor me, the wanting so hard to belong and fit in and be loved wound. Yes. There are wounds within holding on tight in the deep dark places, aren’t there?

Why would we hold onto wounds, you ask?  We all have our reasons. Holding onto our wounds can bring us comfort, attention, sympathy. We may cling to wounds as an excuse, so we don’t have to change or take responsibilities. Wounds allow us to blame others, validate our actions, and take comfort in remaining the child or the victim. Wounds justify our self indulgence. They are a part of our self created identity. And though they may be easy to deny, defend or rationalize, they are not so easy to expose, confront and in turn release.

Letting go of our wounds… that can be both hard and scary. They are patterns which we allow to define us. They serve as our armor, our identity, our security blanket, our trash can into which we can dump a bunch of excuses.

What wounds do you hold on to?

Seeing clearly is the first step to healing.

Healing opens the door for the Sacred Transformation.

Remember:  As our bodies heal, so can our minds and souls. Your body knows how to heal. Trust that your mind and soul do too. You are an amazing being full of such transformative power.

Take the time to explore, excavate, escalate and understand your wounds. Wounds do not heal left in the dark corners of our minds. And unhealed wounds have a tendency to surface when least desired. Including in birth. And later, in parenthood.

Make an agreement with your soul to face your fears and expose your wounds. Agree not to feed your wounds, rather to confront and discuss and discover them. Open them up, to me, to your partner, or to yourself. Agree not to be with people or in situations that feed your wounds until you heal. Agree to face whatever you find with curiosity, compassion, and clarity.

Let us work to heal our wounds now. You can do it.

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