A Walk on the Wild Side.

On a detour, a tangent. We’ll get back to herbs before you know it. But today, this is where my mind is moving.

This week, I’m feeling wild…

Peggy O’Mara shares with me the words of one of my favorite writers, Wendell Berry:

“I hope there is an animal somewhere that no one has ever seen and I hope no one ever does.”

Some days I am that animal.

Some days you can see me.

Other days, it’s not that I am hiding, it’s just that I’m blending in. A part of the wilds. Without boundaries.  Without walls and streets and buildings. Naked, feral, free.

These are the wilds I share with you. Maybe in words. Maybe in images. Maybe in the feeling of a wet spring wind.

These are the wild places I dare you to find within.

And these are the wild places where the birthing woman goes.

Do not be afraid.

Go there if you will.

Women have been going there since the beginning of time.

You will not be alone.

I will be here, with you, beside you.

I have been there.

I know those wilds, those dark places, those places otherwise left undisturbed.

I honor them in you.

Dive in, I say. And you do not need my words, for you are already going there.


I think often of wild things. The wilds around us, the wilds within.

We’re not encouraged to go there, are we?

But you will. You’ll go there during birth. During any rite of passage, any sacred transformation.  It’s natural. That’s how nature works.

I’ll encourage you. Explore it. Play with it. Get to know it.

Find your wild side.

And it is these wild places too that make us whole, are a part of our whole. Without which, we know something is missing.

As there is no light without dark, day without night, so can there be no tame without wilds.

So this week, let’s go wild.

Let’s explore you’re wild side.

well woman, whole woman, wise woman, wild woman

Nature is a part of us not often explored or readily appreciated. We have become distant from the simplicity of the wilds. Our society has brought us seemingly further from the wilds around us and within us. In becoming so civilized, we’ve often left our natural connection behind. As a result, many of us feel out of touch, disconnected with nature, not understanding of the natural world, our place in it, and our own nature. In fact, often we even find ourselves afraid of the deep, dark places within and around us. Because of this separation, there may be a lack, a deficit, or a longing left unfulfilled.

Nature is very close and very dear to me. I grew up in and around New York City. I used to think that was the center of the Universe and where I would forever remain. But at age twenty, something shifted. Unintentionally, I found myself in nature, and exposed to that deep, dark side, and there I found a great connection. Since then, my life has turned wild. No, I don’t mean as in “wild and crazy.” Just plain wild, as in finding my home in the wilds.

So, encouraging you to explore, understand, nourish and nurture your connection with the wilds and the wild side within you is special for me. This may seem rather odd, and maybe even a little uncomfortable. But give it a try. Explore. Play. Have fun with it. Get to know the wilds… and your wild side.

Consider how natural.

Birthing mothers. Earth mothers. Mother Earth.

Take a look at the wild side of your Nurturing Spiral.

  • What is your true nature?
  • In what ways do you feel connected with nature?
  • How in-tuned with the natural world are you?
  • What role does nature play in your life?
  • How strong is your connection with nature?
  • Do you feel in any way out of touch or lacking in your natural connections and understandings?
  • If so, how could you change this?
  • How do you express your wild side?
  • How can you nurture your connection with nature?
  • How can you nurture your wild side?
  • What could others do for you to nurture this part of yourself?

 Being Well: being in balance, expressions of nature and enjoying your place in it.

Nature is a part of our whole being. And one of the easiest elements of the Self to overlook. For those who live in the city or in town, getting out or otherwise getting in touch is hard. It’s not easy, not encouraged, not promoted, not discussed.

Connection with nature goes against our social norms in a way. It is encouraging of stillness, silence, being alone time, down time. It is quiet and contemplative, restorative and rejuvenating – when what we’re constantly encouraged to do is something active, involved, productive, efficient.  Reach out, rather than reach in, right?

Our true nature is a balance of all sides. Our ancestors knew this. They were connected with nature in ways we may never understand. From relying on nature for escape, entertainment, medicine, fuel, food… Have we lost touch with the old wise ways? Surely there is a part of the Old Wise One that still lives within us all.

How can we return, at least in part, to the primal past that lies hidden in us all?

Yes, it can be a scary place. It can be dark, mysterious, secretive, powerful, forbidden… wild.

When we open the wilds within us, our imagination soars, our senses come alive, our instincts bloom, and our intuition reins. We release the deepest voice within us, like the howl of the cougar or the shriek of the red tailed hawk, connecting us to that which is eternal, primal, untamed, untold but understood and completely connected to this earth. That is our voice of nature, not one of logic, reason, straight lines and judgment.

That, too, is our birthing voice.

A part of the Elements.

Out there in the elements. In the warm and soothing spring sun, the welcome summer shower, the crisp autumn winds, the deep chill of winter.  In the star bright night and sun blinding mid day and first light of early morning or long shadows of the end of day.

Imagine yourself naked and exposed and part of it. You are. In your spirit, in your soul, in your deepest self. This is a part of Women. A part of you. The primal part. Is this not the birthing mother, coming forth as she ripens?

The cycle of life. As seeds come forth in the spring, plump and ripen in summer, as leaves display their flashy show in fall, and sap settles deep and the life blood turns within for dormancy in the cold, dark days of winter. Are you not a part of these elements, and a part of the great cycle, now blooming with beautiful life bursting forth from within? How hard is it to see our place with fluorescent lights and loud motors and air conditioning and running from house to car to office and back? How can we see the wilds when we get our food from the grocery store and our news from the internet and our wisdom from a bunch of books (on a device)?

Wild, we wonder, what is wild?

Wild is the big moon casting shadows behind trees on frozen night ground, and insect still damp unfurling for the first time, and monsoon clouds gathering steel grey strength before the intense yellow summer sun, and the pulse of waves lapping softly against the old worn piers, and soft damp grass or coarse cool sand finding its way between our toes or between cracks in the pavement, and the radiant band of blood orange spread across the western sky in early evening when the sunset happens just so…

Yes, you say. You see. You feel. You are wild indeed.

Wild is within you as much as is it around you. No matter where you are. Call it. It will come. Better yet, howl, and it will howl back to you.