Be Wise. Be Wild.

How, you may wonder, how can you feel, cultivate, understand and connect with both the natural world around you, and the internal, intuitive life force, the wilds within?

And why, you may even ask, do you need to?

Once again, it’s all about balance. Being the whole person. Being the most complete person you can be and cultivating your highest energy – now during the sacred transformation of the birthing continuum, and soon, as the mother.

Consider again, if you will, the Nurturing Spiral, and see how your natural side is a part of your whole being.

Being in balance.

When find ourselves out of balance, due to excess or lack of any elements, so then is the balance off for our whole being, our life blood, our living air, our Chi, our internal life force. You know how it is:  you just feel off. You can’t really describe it, but you don’t feel present. Maybe you’re not happy though can’t find anything wrong. Or so many little things seem like big things. These are all good signs of being out of balance. That’s when it is time to take a good look at our whole self and identify what may be missing, overlooked or under-nurtured.

For many of us, the three most common elements overlooked and maybe even neglected are our wild sides, our sexual natures, and our spirituality. This week, we’re having fun with the wild side in our lives. We will take time to explore the other elements at a later date.

Well then, how do we restore our natural element, the wild side of ourselves?

Begin with time in nature. Yes, it can happen even in a city. Remember, I used to live in New York and even then and there, I found ways. Yes, it may be harder. You may have to get creative. But you can do it. I remember having picnics on the roof tops, long walks and runs along the river front, sitting in silence and watching the sun set along the west piers, taking barefoot walks on little patches of grass, having full moon parties and solstice celebrations (even though from my apartment, one could not see the sun or moon). Maybe I was strange, but it worked for me.

What else can you do?

  • Find a park and sit for minute with your eyes closed.
  • Listen for nature – birds, squirrels, bugs, wind. The voices of children playing and laughter work for me too.
  • Walk in the rain and let your face get wet.
  • Open your window and let the wind come in.
  • Find the moon and see where its glow reaches the earth and just stand there.
  • Somewhere, there is running water. Running wild A river, a creek, a stream. Find it. Go there and listen.
  • Stop on the side walk or in front your house on a sunny day, close your eyes, and allow the golden glow of the sun to soak through you, into you, fill you.


Being Wild: connecting with your wild side, with your true nature, with nature, with the primal mother within you.

Since much of society today doesn’t encourage activities which feed your wild side, I’m going to instigate a few. Following are several ideas for creative expression and exploration of your natural nature and the wild woman within you. You can read them over and laugh, or give a few a try. Have fun with this. Don’t take yourself too seriously. And see where your wild side leads you…

  • The Drumming Ceremony
  • The Rain Dance
  • The Sun Dance
  • Singing, dancing, drumming, howling under the big, Full Moon.
  • The silence of the New Moon.
  • Make Moon Tea instead of Sun Tea.
  • Lay naked in the sun and let your baby feel what he/she will soon see!
  • Walk barefoot in the snow. (just for a few steps!)
  • Roll in the cool, damp sand.
  • Toss flower petals in your tub and release your inner flower child!
  • Belly dance (or any form of dance).
  • Dance through the woods (when no one is looking) like a wood nymph.
  • Pick a bouquet of wild flowers and keep them by your bed (dandelions are one of my favorite).

 “In this way, every birth is a natural birth: each of us is part of nature, not separate from it, and nature is always stunning in its variety. Your birth, then, is part of the natural world, however it unfolds.” — Lauralyn Curtis

“The safest medical attendant is nature, by whom woman has been marvelously equipped for this purpose.” – Grantly Dick-Read


Being Sensuous: exploring the senses.

Part of your wild side is found in your senses. Your sense of taste, touch, smell, hearing, and your voice… your intuition. Your sensual side comes to life when we slow down those loud, domineering tendencies – that is our thinking, reasoning, linear, verbal comprehension – all these surface senses – and allow ourselves to sense on a deeper level. To feel. Feel with all of our senses. To know without words.

What would this feel like for you? Perhaps being a wild animal. Now will you believe everything you are told? Now do understand why you “just know” something, or get goose bumps, or that knot in your stomach? Or closing off one sense and allowing another to be more powerful. Have you noticed how your sense of smell is stronger in silence?

Play with your senses to understand the wild side of your inner nature. Let’s take a few minutes to honor, explore and enjoy each of your senses.

  • Taste
  • Touch
  • Smell
  • Hearing
  • Voice

Rather than give you prompts and suggestions (as I was about to do), I decided not to. I respect and honor you. You don’t need me to tell you what to do. You know. Find your own way. That will be the best way. Just keep this in back of your mind. In quiet moments, allow it to come forth. And when it does, honor it. Have fun, explore, empower yourself! Be the woman you want to be, now!

Yes… be her now… with all her senses, in tune, in touch, and alive.

And remember, your intuition is your sixth sense.

How will you nurture and nourish this?


Being Wise: getting and staying in tune with your Inner Wisdom.

Intuition is natural. And the more in tune we are with the world around us and within us, the more intuitive we in turn become. Intuition is an elemental part of our feminine nature, pregnancy, and motherhood. We’ll spend a lot more time exploring, playing with and developing intuition as it is an overlooked and under-appreciated ways and means of knowing. For now, please consider this: Intuition is your Yin wisdom.


Be whatever you want to be…

Childbirth = WildBirth

This is a reminder that your life is your choice. How you choose it to unfold, how you choose to evolve, how you choose to perceive it, how you choose to embrace it. Yes, other people’s choices may affect and impact us as ours may them. None of us are alone. We are indeed connected in this wonderful, wild web of life. But our choices are our control. And through our choices, we can consider how we will think, feel, and act.

From working to become more conscious of our thoughts and actions, to taking responsibility of our life choices, to understanding with compassion how our choices impact others, to making mindful parenting choices… these are all parts of our personal evolution process. It is what brings us into the being we are meant to be. And now, into the mother we are meant to be.

We will never do everything all right. It’s essential we remember that. There is only “right at the moment.” Because life is ever changing, because perfection is found only in the fluctuating state of imperfection working just so, because acceptance and understanding are meant to be challenging lessons of the heart. Because of all of this, and all of our experiences, we are who we are.

Who are you?

Now you are both defining and transforming. The chrysalis becomes you. Open your wings and fly!

And so she unleashes her wild side…