In the Beginning (of Birth).

 And so it begins…

If you are having an unassisted birth… now is the time to gather your strength, your supplies, your inner wisdom, your deep connection. All your preparation is done. There is no need to question, doubt, second guess or think of one more thing. Now is the time to allow your soul to fully tune in to the awakening happening before you, to you, with you, within you. Tune into your primal powers and your intuition. Then settle yourself into the moment. What feels right to you? Dance beneath the blowing branches, or sit silent in the shadow of the moon? Listen to the knowing within you and surrender to this incredible force. Humble yourself. Be still with the energy. Allow it to become you. Allow yourself to enter the birthing.

If you are having a home birth… now is the time to inform your attendants of this exciting launching of birth. Then take some time before the waves get wild to sit back as if floating upon the sea of life with the eternal wisdom and women’s power in the wide open sky above you. Connect, and gather your forces, gently, softly, powerfully, wildly, as a woman may do. Begin letting go. Turning within, and trusting. Allowing your chosen team to arrive, and to help support you in what ever way you have planned, and in whatever way this sacred event unfolds. You may lose yourself, let go of control, know you are cared for, know you are entering the womb of the Great Mother within which we are all a part, and through which this birth will unfurl in its own blessed way.

If you are birthing elsewhere…  now is the time to slow down, look within, connect with your baby, and establish your connection. Listen… there is so much wisdom within you. Trust in the process, but do not rush. It will unfurl in its own time. Honor that time. Celebrate with your partner, family, the emerging baby, nature, God, and/or in silence and stillness. Pray, meditate, feel the life within you. Take your time. The suggestion is to wait until you are in active labor before entering a hospital or clinic or birthing center, unless you have to get there yourself and you’re HOURS away from your desired birthing location. Otherwise, what’s the rush? You are wise, you are strong, you are safe and well in your own space. The longer you are in a hospital or birthing center, the greater your likelihood for intervention. If you can wait, please do. If you want companionship, ask for it. Your partner, your friend, your doula. They will be honored to be there for you. You need not be alone. Take a moment too to be still, and tune into your inner wisdom and know. Smile, breathe, believe. For now the moment you have been waiting for is emerging. Trust in the process. Know you will be safe and well supported. Know it will happen as it is meant to be.

So… how will you know you are in active labor? Your contractions are probably your clue. When they become closer together, more regular and more intense – so intense that you find during the contraction you are completely with it, present, in the zone and unable to be distracted… chances are you’re in active labor. In any case, if working with a support staff in a separate location, keep in touch and let them know how your early stages are progressing. Have fun timing the contractions every once in a while, seeing how far apart they may be, how long each one lasts, and how long you rest in between rushes. Though women are all different and there is no set formula any more than there is a standard time line for the progression of each individual birth, the rule of thumb that many caregivers go by is this: when contractions are five minutes apart or less, and each rush lasts about a minute.

Common questions that your caregiver may ask you:

  • Have you lost your mucus plug? Have you had any blood tinged discharge?
  • Have the membranes ruptured? Has the bag of waters released with a leak or a surge?
  • In timing your contractions, how far apart are they, how long do they last, and how long do you have between contractions?
  • And finally, how do you feel? Answer deeply and honestly and in respect and consideration of your whole being.

For all… now is your time to shine, to connect with the timeless grace, power and magnificence into which you are entering, becoming. Take a moment to honor yourself, honor this process, honor the sisterhood of so many mothers who have been there with you before. And honor your baby. Remember – he or she is an active part of this process. Connect deeply and work together. If you would like to be alone for a while with your own inner guidance and higher powers, and use this time to further connect on the soul level with your baby, with your own eternal wisdom, please do this. If you want to connect deeply for a moment with your partner, with your family, now may be the time. If you want a friend, your doula, a midwife, an attendant present, now is the time to honor this feeling and request it.

There is no right way; there is only your way. Trust and honor your own sacred journey.

And so it shall be.

Blessings to you, Dear Mama.


Being present.

And now is the time of beginning.

Of doing nothing.

Accepting the entrance to the Sacred Transformation and the Great Journey.

And understanding your place, your role.

What can you do now?


Sit with this.

Allow it to unfold as it will.

Now is the time to simply be, become.

Forgo control for moving with the energy.

Engage and let it empower and guide you.

Let go and flow.

Be patient.

Look within.








Let it begin…


And so now, dear mothers, take a deep breath. Let the birth unfold as it will. Flow with it. Allow it to progress slowly. As it will.