And in the darkness, there is light…

Hard as life’s big challenges are to get through, they are actually the aperture for personal growth. By this I don’t mean the selfish, as in, “it’s personal, so it’s all about me.” What we are looking at instead is growth of the person within the greater collective, and the understanding that the more wise, responsible, compassionate and understanding each of us become, the more wise, responsible, compassionate and understanding becomes our world. What we’re looking at then is an exploration and maybe even a sympathetic comprehension of the Bigger Picture and our place, point and purpose in it. It’s a journey we all go through. The great adventure of standing still and looking at the most mysterious place of all: within.

Bewildering, uncertain, unruly, uncontrollable…

At times outrageous, and often pretty darned frightening. Whatever it is, it’s a wild ride and usually something that picks us up unaware like Dorothy’s house in Kansas and drops us… yes, you got it. Close to Oz. But we’re not going to be looking for a way home on this trip. All we need to find is who we are. And what might that be? No simple answers there, that’s the only certainty. Who are you? Well, that’s about the hardest question ever to answer. And the only wizard we’ll find for the wisest answers? Oh yeah, she too will be found within.

When this journey started, I thought I knew the answers. For when life is going along just fine and well and dandy and we can go with the flow, chances are we don’t question things. We’re not going to stir the waters and create some huge change in our lives or within our souls. We are sheltered by our practical minds which tell us, “If it aint broke, don’t fix it.”

Until of course, something breaks.

And that’s when we get to that point where we feel we have no choice. We have to look within. When our world is truly shaken, not stirred, yes, my friend, as we all know, those are the times we make some radical shifts. Those are the times things really happen, deep inside. We change. We grow. We evolve.

It can be through a crisis, loss, life change, death (physical or spiritual), or… it can be an intense passage through a time of transformation. Sometimes it’s nothing we can show or share on the outside. But inside, maybe things are all messed up inside, you know? Those are the biggies, the ones that when we get through them, we look around and realize our world is… never the same again.


Only when I fully let go

Did I find what I was looking for.



All along.

Be her now.


I am.