You are.

It’s a crazy journey. I guess it has to be. Life wouldn’t be nearly the fascinating awakening if it were, say, easy, dull, expected, simple…

Filled with roller coaster emotions and life changing turmoil. Such is every Rite of Passage, the entering of every new stage life. Why would this time be any different? If only we knew, expected, honored and embraces these wild changes.  We can. Start now. Where are you now?  Where you have come from, where you are going, they only matter as much as the importance we place on them. Where you are now is what matters most. Shake yourself out of the past and wake up to where you are.

Breathing into now. Today. You.

Start your awakening with this. Here. Now. The past is behind. The future is not yet here. Where are you?

Notice the perfection in the present moment.  Not what happened last week, last year, or even five minutes ago. Now. Look within. Look around. Take a deep breath. Hold it. Then release it with a powerful roar.

Oh, eternal mother, sister, daughter, wild woman of the world! At once creating and destroying, birthing, living, dying. The eternal cycle lived out within each of us in this one humble life we are concerned with.

One quiet voice singing her part

Around the eternal blaze

Of Womanhood.

You are.


So begins the year of awakening to the spirit of the Divine Beloved Goddess, the Wise Old Woman, the Warrior Woman, the Eternal Sisterhood born unto Mother Earth. The Sacred Transformation of the Matriarch. Call it what you will. (And if you don’t know what to call it now, hopefully you’ll have a good idea of your own expression by the time we get through this together.)

It is a year of Woman becoming. And it just may be the wildest, weirdest, darkest and deepest year you ever live through. And when it is over, where you find yourself just may be the most beautiful place you’ve ever been, within.