The Sacred Transformations of the Woman Within.


There. I said it. We’re not supposed to utter it aloud, are we? Why the hell not? OMG, what will the neighbors say???


But really, it’s more than that. Let me explain.

What I’m talking about here is as seemingly simple as a shift in perspective, and as all-consumingly powerful as a move in the place of the Feminine Cycle of Life that changes who we feel we are, how we relate to the world around us, and completely erases and revises our definition of Self in that world. It’s a universal process of awakening, and it happens many times throughout our lives. Perhaps it is triggered by a Blood Rite (menses, birth, menopause), or perhaps another Rite of Passage. Perhaps it’s nothing we feel others have been through our could understand, but it’s shaken us so deeply we know we will never be the same (and so, we will be something very, very different).

Others have been there. And we do understand. Transformation – be it brought on by birth, death, life, love, loss – is a universal trait of the human existence. If we do not transform, one could surmise, are we fully living?

A metamorphosis. How many times in each of our lives do we pass through the transparent veils  that only we can see, or push through the heavy gate of the cocoon and emerge anew?

I’m writing as if these are stages all Women go through. Rather we look at these symbolically, and the Woman being the Wild Feminine Being within. Such stages of transformation are not exclusive to women and not required by women. We are all awesomely unique in our existence and journey. Though the self birthing process is a Feminine movement, there resides the Feminine spirit with us all. It is our choice to nurture, feed, and allow that spirit to thrive, or deny Her and feel her shrivel with wither and snuff out like a candle in the wind.

I’m all for encouraging, empowering, and definitely nurturing the Wild Woman within!

These great changes, Sacred Transformations I call them, sometimes they happens in obvious ways throughout our life. We move from Child to Maiden as we begin Menses. Then we move into the Mother as we birth a baby, a business, a creative venture. At some point we move from that fertile stage into the Matriarch, where our energies emerge in more expansive ways. And eventually, we evolve into the Crone, the wise old one who has been there, done that, or at least has seen enough to deeply and compassionately understand. Yeah, we’ll all be lucky if we make it that far. In the meanwhile…

I’m writing about these things as if they are concrete changes. All of a sudden, boom, one day you’ve changed. You’ve grown. You’ve moved into a new stage and the past is, well, past. But, yeah, it doesn’t work that way. It’s complicated.

Sometimes these Sacred Transformations are not obvious. We can’t see them, can’t define them, can’t pin point what the problem is. Only it feels like a problem because we are feeling very lost, confused, uncertain. You know, those times in our lives where we feel we are floating with our feet firmly planted in the clouds. It’s as if all of a sudden we are waking up and we realize we don’t know who we are. That sucks, big time, because part of our human existence too is defining the big question: Who am I? It’s funny because when we’re all content with who we are and where we’re at and everything seems to be going great, we don’t think about that question, do we? It’s only when the bottom drops out from under us that we turn to face the big question again. Real, raw, and full exposed. Scary.


And so, although much of my life is spent nurturing the Sacred Passages of others, I just went through a big one myself. And I found it interesting to note how similar the shifts were for me this time as they have been all times, every time I went through a great transformation. And how similar my situation is to what so many others are moving through, at all different ages, stages, places and spaces of life.

But I don’t write about what I read, what I researched, what others tell me to be truth. All I can share with you is what I know. What I have experienced. What I have felt, what I have sensed, what I have actually touched. What I have done, and hopefully learned from.

I experience life fully (for better and for worse), so this can be a lot. I am sharing with you now what I just went through.



What is it?

It’s not a four letter word.

But it is treated like one.

It’s not taboo, but we act as if it is.

It used to indicate the end of the world, and be an insult, an injury, a crappy place to be. Or at least, that’s what many of us were taught.

Now it signifies a powerful shift. Very powerful.

Perhaps into our most powerful stage of being yet.

What is it?

An evolution within our lives.

A Rite of Passage.

A Sacred Transformation.

A Blood Rite.

In this case, the dramatic passageway into the throne of The Matriarch.

What does it mean to you?

Are you afraid to look it in the eye?

Maybe you should be.

What you just might be seeing is most intense, powerful, strong, wild, wise, wonderful Woman within.