A game of lost and found.

And so the season of unfolding and shedding and releasing and then coming to Be begins…


The greatest challenge for my deepest soul – brought me to awakening into a higher, lighter space than I ever imagined possible…though I had dreamed, and hoped and somehow knew this is what life, what being, was meant to be.

But first, there was darkness, in which I lost myself.

And so it begins.


This story begins at the beginning. Somewhere at the uncertain start of the third Blood Ritual of the Great Feminine Spirit: Menopause.

Ha! I can already feel some of you cringe at reading that word in print, or harder still to handle, hearing it spoken aloud. Would you believe it still feels a little uncomfortable to utter it? For our society has been brutal to those of us passing through this Sacred Transformation. Why? What are we afraid of? Is this no different than the power of nature, the wind, waves, cycles of the moon and seasons of the rose? And does not our society strive to tame those things as well?


Now is the time to let yourself go a little wild.


Sure, I know. After a half a lifetime of training to play it safe and take it easy.

Fine. But that was then. This is now. Stepping into the second half of your life. 

So now… together lets move forward in baby steps if that what it takes.

Or… you can leap, and hope the net appears.

Which do you choose?

This is not about teaching you the right answers, for the right answers are already within you. This is about helping you get in touch, listen, clarify, understand, consider new options, explore, and decide what choices you would like to make. At least for today. Tomorrow you can do something else if you want. It’s not that we like to change our minds; it’s that we like to try, do, have and experience it all!

I don’t have the answers – you do. I am just here to help you find them.

So throughout this adventure together, sure, I’ll be sharing my story  and some suggestions that worked for me – you’re welcome to take or leave. I’ll throw in some zany ideas and activities to hopefully help you make the most of this journey, to learn from the experience, and most important, learn from yourself. Because this time of transformation – and this blog – is based on this powerful truth: You are your own expert. You are your wisest teacher, your most powerful healer. You know yourself better than anyone else. And you have the wisdom you seek already within. All you have to do is play with it, nurture it, give it space, and let it come out. Tend to the tree, and it will bear fruit, right? You ARE the wise, wild, wonderful woman. Go ahead. Be her now!

Sexuality, sensuality, woman and nature, life and growth and death – yes, all masculine and feminine, but here and now it is Hers. Yours. Mine. That of all Women. That of all of us in tune with the Feminine within.

I know. It takes some getting used to. And it takes some work, and some play. So let’s get started.