A little bit of Her-Story.

For over two thousand documented years, and theories suggest several millennia before that, we have lived primarily in a male dominated society. The era of the Patriarch. A linear world ruled by logic and when that fails, brute force. A time of dominance and control, thus suppression and oppression. A time when the feminine, be that in body, mind work or soul, has been considered inferior. The feminine within us and within society has been suppressed, oppressed, restrained, denied, dominated, domineered, and all too often abused. In the Dark and Middle Ages, how many millions were put to death solely because they committed the crime of practicing womanly arts: herbal healing, midwifery, kindness and care to animals, understanding the cycles of the moon. Witchcraft, it was called. When all along, all it was the Fine Art of Womanhood.

Some say it wasn’t always this way. Mythology and stories of the wise old ways suggest that the Feminine, the Woman, the Maiden, Mother, Matriarch and Crone once reined. One can apostolate that such societies were governed with the feminine touch, so to say, and therefore with intuition in unison with reason. Perhaps it was a society honoring the soft, sensual and mysterious, using natural rites and rituals based on the sacred body and earth and seasons, cycles of the moon and the respect for and connection with nature, and a sense of gracefulness superior to brute force.

I’m no historian and not concerned with the past as I am with the present. So, looking around, here and now, what do I see?

Well… it looks to me like the man-made world around is still ruled by, well, yes, man. In particular, the rich white man. Regardless of historical, political or personal perspective, He remains dominant in our culture. With the Patriarchal dominance, the feminine is devalued. Physical strength deems superior. Softness is a sign of weakness. Intuition has little value and is often discredited. We hold tightly to the linear wisdom of logic as both the superior and the only “reasonable” way of knowing rather than seeking the higher understanding of the completed connectedness of all of us and everything in this great big world. Our connection with and understanding of nature has been obscured and misunderstood to the point of our supposed need to dominate the very Earth that birthed us, and the taught belief that the Earth is incapable of surviving without man’s interference, though even the linear practice of science now tells us perhaps we have gone too far.

When I look around today, I see something happening. It’s exciting. It’s amazing. And it’s undeniable. As even the little local paper from the small conservative town near my mountain writes:

There is a seismic shift in sexuality.

Their admission for me was huge. It’s undeniable. It’s everywhere. This is real. Things are happening…

This isn’t about black and white, right and left, hers and his. Instead, this is about balance. Within each of us as individuals, and in kind, a part of the greater whole. It’s about finding, allowing, or even creating balance between the masculine and the feminine. It’s about appreciating that balance as the foundation of an equalized, solid and holistic society. It’s about understanding and honoring that balance within each and every one of us. The two sides of one coin. The blending of right and left, light and dark, hot and cold, hard and soft, Yin and Yang.

Remember when we talk about “his” and “hers,” these are parts of a whole, both within each of us. As none of us is all yin nor all yang, we are each a unique combination of hormones, DNA, orientations, preferences, pasts and presence. The masculine and the feminine together create each and every one of us. When we become one sided, either on an individual level, or on a social level, we lose balance. Are we out of balance?

Perhaps it is time for a change.

As happens in nature, the pendulum swings…