Equanimity and the Cycle of Life

Rise, sister, rise.

Raise your voice in song. Or maybe the howl of wild wolf within.

We’ve heard the voice of Man. Loud and clear. Now is the time to listen to the Woman’s song . It may be harder to do. Her voice may be more subtle for hers is the song of the moon, of wind, of falling waters. Hush, and you will hear, as shivers rise up your spine.

Can you hear her, deep from within? Or are there too many distractions, busy-ness, inner and outer noise? You may have to slow down to hear her clearly. Stop. Close your eyes. Just for a moment. Put down what you’re doing, shut your mouth, quiet your mind… and listen.

What you might hear is the most beautiful song of all.

Yours. Mine. Ours.

A distant howl, rising like an approaching storm.

The tempestuous Woman’s wail.


Remember this. You and I are not alone. Somewhere deep within, you know that. We are connected. We are part of a great collective, a quiet powerful endless source of wisdom, beauty and power of the gentle sort.

We Women have Blood Rites. Rites of Passage throughout our lives written in blood. The Maiden begins to bleed; the Mother births; the Matriarch ceases to bleed as her fertile energies shift from her family to the greater of society. Then slowly she becomes the Crone, the Wise Old One, but that’s another story, and a long time yet to come.

She begins in Spring, with the waxing moon. The Maiden is a child, a rose bud. She is fresh and young, innocent and new.

She blossoms into Summer, and faces her full moon. She is the Mother, the fragrant flower, nourishing and nurturing, full and fertile.

And then Autumn becomes her. The waning crescent moon. The hip of the rose, with all the power to heal the world within her, she enters the world of the Matriarch.

Finally she moves into Winter. Darkness of the New Moon, no moon. From where she began, to where she will one day leave. The Crone. Her prodigious wisdom becomes the final and most gracious gift to share.

Throughout, there is Woman as Giver. Giver of life, of love. Nourishing, nurturing.

This is but the Feminine Archetype. We may be a part of one or all or none and still be of Woman. And just as likely, we may be full of the Feminine Spirit, and still have a strong dose of testosterone pumping through our veins. Do not let labels define you. Be who you truly are. Allow your unique inner light to shine. Be brave with your radiant heart. Be beautiful in that unique formula that is You.

Remember this: There is a time to give, as there is a time to receive. Within us all, the Eternal Woman, the Eternal Man. Like the in breath, and the out breath, in balance.

Celebrate your equanimity!