Blood Rites.

Since the beginning of time, Woman has bled, Woman has birthed, and Woman has ceased to bleed.

These eternal, powerful Rites of Passage that usher the Feminine from one stage of life to the next, our Blood Rites, can be a time of celebration, or a time of shame. What have they been for you so far along your Woman’s journey? For most of us, there was more shame than shining, more being alone and feeling separated than belonging and joining and being welcomed, more creating wounds and scars rather than healing and opening the heart during these Sacred Transformations.

Consider the current social norms created around hiding menses, controlling or dominating the natural act of childbirth, and suppressing and negating the cessation of menses. And though this choice may be born of our social structure, we each have the ability to change the norm. What do you choose? What did your mother choose? What does your sister choose? What will you choose for you daughters?

Each of these Blood Rites deserve attention and respect, honor and awe of the Feminine body and spirit, and yet, it is the cessation of menses more than any other that carries with it a terrible stigma in our current world. Why? What do we have to fear that we have turned against the Wise, Wild, Wonderful Woman within as she stands – our could be standing if she were not supressed – at her most mighty?

It is during that third stage, after the third Blood Rite or Rite of Passage, that Woman comes to her greatest power– for her self, for her community, for her soul understanding, for her greater wisdom of the Bigger Picture, and for the Earth. How awesome Her potential presents at this stage!

Society can turn to this with grace and gratitude, reverence and respect – or consider this phase a prospective threat. Thus, society, and each one of us, has the choice: to bow down before the Wise Woman (or at least warmly welcome), or to dominate if not terminate. What do you see happening in your world to the maturing Woman?


Times are changing, the Earth is changing, the human collective in kind is changing…

You need not go through the physical process of menses and birth to experience this great transformation. Consider these physical changes symbolic to the changes of your awareness, of your awakening. Likewise, this Third Blood Rite may represent to you not a physical condition, but a powerful social and spiritual shift.

This, as everything in life, may not be what nor when you expect. Everything is changing. Open your heart wider than your eyes. This is for you to decide. Is now your time? Are you ready? Only you will know.

If you are… if the transformation is beginning within you…  know you are not alone. Join us. Celebrate. Open your heart, your mind, your voice. Radiate and resonate! Share your story. Don’t be afraid. Together may we embrace this time, may we dance and sing and bake and brew and do whatever women  do. Better yet, do what you want to do, whatever is your deepest expression of the Feminine Divine, even if it is not on the list and nothing you ever thought of as “womanly.” (Says I, as I pick up my hammer and saw!) May we celebrate the coming of age into the amazing Matriarch.

And hold onto your hats, sisters, because we’re in for a wild ride.

Let us open the circle. The Woman’s Circle. The Circle of Transformation. The Circle of the wild web of life. Let us stand together, opening our hearts and minds, creating connection that we may work together in harmony for the unfolding of this transformation. May you honor yourself for being here, being present, and caring for yourself, as I am honored to be here with you. Let us ride these fiery waves, these powerful surges, together. Let us dive deep, explore the darkness, and rise up into the light like the Phoenix when we are ready to shine!