That Scary “M” Word.

What is menopause?

On a biological level, Menopause is simply the natural progression of the amazing Woman’s body and her childbearing cycle. It is a normal shift in her hormonal levels signaling to her inner being that she no longer needs to send out an ovum each month – and then the resulting bleeding/cleansing fourteen days following. It is nature’s sign to tell her maybe it’s time to move beyond her role as Mother and move into something much bigger. Yikes, scary, yes?

Of course today, most of us don’t keep having kids until our bodies tell us, “Please, enough already!” And many of us don’t have kids at all. So, surely there has to be more to Menopause than a way to keep the population in check.

Well, with over seven billion people on this planet, I don’t think it does a very good job at that, now does it?

So, what, then, do you think it’s for? On the physical level, a social level, a spiritual level, a personal level… on a higher level?


Yes indeed, you guessed it. There is much more to Menopause than a natural and normal change in hormonal levels creating the resulting cessation of menses.

Here’s the biggest revelation. Menopause is a spiritual awakening.

Or it can be. If rather than deny and suppress, we open to this mighty power moving, morphing and surging within.

Menopause is the middle life shift of feminine energies from fertility of body, to fertility of mind and soul. It marks the progression a maturing woman moves through transitioning from Mother to Matriarch. And in case you hadn’t noticed (because of course, the mainstay of modern society hasn’t wanted you to notice), Ms. Matriarch ain’t no Crone. She’s one hot mama in her greatest power, alive and well and dancing under the moon. She’s no longer focusing body, mind and spirit on birthing and raising her family (be her children the human kind or otherwise creative). Now is her time of awakening and reckoning. Now is her time for being the Woman of the World, be that her community, humanity, or the Earth. The Matriarch is the Woman who knows.

So really what we have here is so much more than a biological change. Of course we’ll talk about that too, because it helps to understand what may be happening within your body and be prepared for any possible physical manifestations. Yes, we can even hash out the one everyone loves to talk about, The Hot Flash, and a few more tasty tidbits. But that’s not our focus. Our focus will move far beyond the body and any signs and symptoms of a bodily change. Rather, we’re going to address the Whole You, and the resulting changes within all of you: your body, your mind, and your soul. This includes your spirituality, your sexuality, your emotions, your social side, your quiet side, your wild side… All of you.

Fasten your seat belts and hold onto your hats because we are going on a wild ride. If we’re brave and strong enough to dive deeply into this… and I’m pretty sure we women have all the power within necessary for this natural transformation. We have an awesome social, sexual and spiritual revolution going on within us – body, mind and soul. Are you ready?