On this snowy morning.

On spiritual awakening…

No matter the trigger, be it a rite of passage about which I may now be writing, another powerful life event, or some internal calling we can no longer ignore, spiritual awakening is a process, sometimes painful, like shedding skin that clings too tightly.

And as the layers of our deep and ever evolving souls do not peel all at once, one does not enlighten one day and remain that way. It is something we consciously strive for, lean towards, choose. It is about choice. Conscious choice. What choice do you make today?

Yes, we will make mistakes. Yes, we stumble and fall if we ever are going to learn to walk let alone dance. And yes, we learn to accept and forgive and try again. Forgiveness is perhaps one of the hardest of life lessons.

This is part of the path. Life is not linear. It ebbs and flows. There are ups and downs. We learn to ride the waves.

Be gentle on yourself along the way. Perhaps the more rocky the waters in which we are swimming, the greater the lessons we will learn.

Enlightenment thus in an ongoing journey, not a static state. An opening to an understanding of a bigger picture. An acceptance of the unexplainable. An awareness of our inner light, and our connection with the outer world.

Light. That’s something too often missing in claims of “enlightenment.” When one seeks to obtain a deep understanding for one’s self, is there no radiance, no inner light shining for others? Without such radiance, there is no enlightenment. This is not a selfish state, but one of giving, of sharing, opening, connecting, of shining light and love.

Yeah, I know… this sounds “out there.”

But it’s not. In fact, it starts in here. Within each of us.

Today I divert, diverge, divulge…

Diving into the spiritual realm. Exploring deep thoughts about acceptance and enlightenment of our place in the big mystery. The understanding that ultimately it is not about “me” but “we.”

Later on, we’re going to dive in even deeper, but today, introspection brings me here. In consideration of the spirit.


This is a big one.

How do we define it? What is Spirit? What is Soul? What is (if there is) the Higher Power, the Divine, the Almighty, the sacred presence, God?

Well now, if I had those answers, I’d be the wisest one who ever lived. The wisest who have lived have tried and failed. They could not help but deeply consider and came up short with concrete facts. But nor could they deny…

So perhaps it’s not concrete. It’s soft, pliable, etherial.

Some can trust, believe because they were told, they feel it, they accept it, they trust it. Blind Faith is a beautiful thing if it works for you – and for this I might add, if it works for Everyone, for the nature of Divine surely is not meant to be divisive, exclusive, elite, condescending, ranking, pompous or judgmental. Was the founding goal of any great religion to pit one group against another? Place one human being “better” than another? Or where they all based upon acceptance, compassion, and yes, love? Where did we somehow lose the way? We can choose to return.

Those who were the foundations of the great world religions searched and questioned and contemplated. We may be able to accept what they learned, or we may need to learn for ourselves. Is one way right and another wrong? I don’t think “judgment” was ever a part of any of the great teachings, philosophies or beliefs. Surely “division” was not part of the plan.

For as long as Man and Woman have existed, we have considered the existence of something greater than us. Some inexplicable force, power, being or essence.

I am no different. I believe you too are made of the same.

Just my thoughts on this snowy spring morning. Best I get back to work…