What the “M” word is NOT.

Throughout this wild ride, please remember this: Menopause is not ab-normal, un-natural, wrong, bad, taboo, or otherwise strange and scary. At least it should not be. And furthermore, Menopause is certainly not a medical condition, a biological problem, nor a syndrome. What we’re talking about, what we’re experiencing, what we’re going through is as natural and normal as the rising sun.

It’s just as important to look at what Menopause is NOT as there are so many misconceptions about this powerful Rite of Passage that add to both the mystery, and misery. Look around and check it out. It’s not hard to find. There is far more written and spoken about negative aspects, “unpleasant,”  “unwanted” or “undesirable” signs and symptoms. Check out just a few of the many false claims.

  • You can’t do it alone. You’ll need medical treatment.
  • You must do it alone. No one wants to talk about.
  • It’s a condition that needs to be fixed. (So… it’s not natural/normal?)
  • And the biggie: once you hit Menopause you may as well throw in the towel. Stop trying to look hot, feel good, stay fit, have fun…

Oh… really?

I don’t know about you, but I’m guessing Woman throughout the ages allowed, accepted, maybe even honored this change. And now I’m seeing a growing number of women questioning that negative claim of “condition.” As a result, there are more women learning to celebrate this (and all) Blood Rites of the Woman’s Life. Likewise, I’m seeing the inspiration of more and more women looking and feeling fantastic after fifty. How grateful I am for the many amazing role models who show us not in word but in living life full, rich, wild and strong through and well beyond Menopause. Forget the fine wine metaphor. We’re talking good whiskey here, one that’s been given time to ripen and richen and get really strong. 

All in all, we’re seeing a shifting sense of respect emerging from all ages and sexes towards the realization that Menopause isn’t the end… it’s a beautiful new beginning.


So, what about the positive aspects? Who’s sharing those secrets? Well, we’ll go there together for sure. But first, be aware of the bad rap Menopause has been given, and get ready to overcome any of that remaining ignorance with your own positive flair!

Really, dear ones, it is not meant to be miserable, unless… Don’t even go there, gals. Is that what your body, being or soul is telling you? Is this really a problem you are unable to fix? Possibly. Or is it some sort of fear coming from your ego, society, the controlling patriarch and the obsessed youth and maybe even your doctor who stands to make some big bucks out of the deal if you believe everything he/she tells you you’ll “need” to get this through this?

What will you really need?

Well, this is an exploration of just that. Because it’s not that simple. And it’s probably not what you expected (or were told) at all. And just as every Woman is exceptionally unique, so is the journey for each and every one of us. See, there’s no way to say what works for one will be the answer for another. And it’s that very strength of self-awareness, and empowerment of self-care that this fuels this journey and your growth. Only with an open mind, open heart, and a healthy does of encouraging one another and sharing of options and stories can each of us find what brings us the greatest support, comfort, assurance and empowerment through this intentionally powerful Rite of Passage.

So let’s keep an open mind, heart and soul and enjoy the journey and uncover the answers for ourselves… together.