Doing it yourself. Together.

No matter what stage we are in our lives and personal evolution, this message is becoming more clear:  It is time to empower each other to do it ourselves. Don’t wait for Prince Charming, Mom and Dad, you closest BFF or the distant Political Leaders.

They will follow. You can lead.

This is the Wise Woman Way, and yes, it works for all of us, from Maiden to Crone, from Man to Woman and wherever, however, into whatever we are evolving well beyond such titles, labels and words that keep us apart.

It time for supporting, cheering on, encouraging, taking whatever positive means we know to move our Soul Sisters forward. Not negating. Not judging. Not criticizing. Not separating. Not isolating. Not removing. Not doing anything to belittle or take Her power away. We all get enough of that. Don’t let it come from the Sisterhood.

What if we walked away from every encounter knowing the other person felt better for having met us?

That’s empowerment. It’s not based solely on what we do for ourselves, but what we do for each other.

In joining together, we each are stronger. This is the Wise Woman’s way. It’s not a path of separation, division. Divide and Conquer? Hell no.

How does this relate to the passing through this or any Sacred Transformation? Check it out. Is this or any life changing passage about positive transformation and empowerment as it should be? Or about hiding, shying, criticizing, bracing for embarrassment? You tell me. And please be aware too of this negating division going well beyond the personal encounters. It’s systemic. Our social structure is formed on this state of separation. And as such, entire businesses based on inferiority/superiority. No where is this more prevalent, except perhaps in politics, than in the medical business.

The more we tell a woman she needs “help,” be it physically, medically, emotionally or spiritually, the more we are creating doubt in her self and increased “need” for others to take care of her.  The more we support a woman in listening to and trusting her self and the process, the more likely she will enter the evolving life continuum confident and self directed. Rather than society trying to maintain control of self and submission of Woman by teaching a woman what to do, rather let us strive for teaching a woman to listen to and get in tune with her self and believe that with very few exceptions, her body and her being and the Wise Woman within her will know best.

Menopause (and please note: the same holds true for menses, pregnancy and birth) is not an illness; our changing bodies are not medical abnormalities.

Let us approach each of our live stages, including the moving beyond menses, as healthy, as normal and natural, and know our bodies were ideally designed for this.

Let us go further, deeper. Let us find the true wisdom, power, beauty and life force in this and every age-old time of transformation. Trust life. Trust Womanhood. Trust your body. Trust your choices. Even if your choice is to reach out and get help.

Menopause is a time to honor. It is a time of getting in touch and in tune with your inner wisdom and deeper knowing. It is a time of making the most of your self, your life, and enjoying! This is not a time of set rules, but personal expression. How do you choose to express your transformation? Your beliefs shall be respected and honored. This is also a time we find we naturally change and expand with the experience. We will not be tomorrow who we are today. Are you ready to become the Wise, Wild, Wonderful Woman within?

Be her now.

If part of the process is bringing Women together, and opening up the connection to the greater whole, may we thus learn to listen, to share, to support one another in a manner which cultivates strength for each unique individual, rather than takes one’s ability away. Let us celebrate the beauty of our nature, in all its exceptional ways!