Support from and to the Sisterhood.

For many of us, Rites of Passage, be it the onset of menses, pregnancy/birth, or Menopause for which I speak now, was harder than it needed to be because of this: more often than not, we felt completely alone. Lost is one thing. That’s pretty much inevitable in any great soul shift. But abandoned, isolated, or complete cut off? I question,do we need that? Do we want that? Is that the best way? Is that the old way?

There is another way. And maybe this is the way it should be. That’s for each of us to decide, and make the change, starting with ourselves.

We’re all in this together, and the more we learn to reach out, touch, listen, honor and celebrate together – without judgment, criticism or any sense of superiority, simply with acceptance, support and love – the greater this, or any time of transformation can be for us as both individuals and as a society as a whole.

(And while we’re talking about support, remember this too. It goes both ways. Don’t forget that. You gotta give if you want to receive. So give more. Support a sister in need. Learn to listen. Deeply listen. As in, just let the other person talk. Lend a hand. Give a smile. Grace someone with an encouraging word. Be the mentor you want to have. Why not start there? And maybe in the giving you’ll see you already have so much.)

We all need a sense of belonging, not separation. This is one of the big truths of life. Yes, we all want to belong. Everyone. I am no different than you that way. At times, we all even need a little guidance. Not to be treated like a child, for I remember back in pregnancy/birth and more recently trough Menopause, I noted the last thing I wanted was for someone, anyone to treat me like a child or treat me in anyway that did not encourage my own power. That did not bring comfort. That brought on instead the reversion to the girl I was transforming away from. It did not bring strength, clarity and even a sense of bonding into the Tribe of the Mother, the Kinship of the Matriarch, or any Circle of the Sisters. Comfort in a condescending (even if well meaning, but inappropriate manner) certainly does encourage us to shed that skin of the little girl, the victim, the feeble or the submissive one. But nor do we need that feeling of separation and isolation, of thinking we’re all alone and no one else understands or can be by our side. This goes against the core social being that each of us inherently is. Every once in a while, we need to be told everything is okay. We are okay. It’s going to be okay… And that we’re not alone. Every once in a while, what we need more than anything is a little bit of Sisterhood.

Until our society (and each of us) helps to build a strong sense of sisterly support, may we slowly work towards serving as a strong shoulder to lean on, or a soft hand to hold. May we be for others a reminder that none of us are really alone; that chances are, you are going to not just get through this (whatever “this” is) but learn to spread your wings and soar like never before. This is for all Sisters (and Brothers, with a Sister within them or beside them), especially those willing and able to dive deep. Even if just for a little while. That won’t be everyone. In fact, it may only be a few of you. Remember, it only takes one person to start a revolution.

If you’re one of those ready to go the extra mile, I’m hoping these words will be that “sister” for you.

So let’s check it out. The powerful Rite of Passage and time of Awakening of the Matriarch. That’s a lot of what we’re going to explore together, since it’s a lot of what the mainstay of our society has done its darnedest to cover up.

But guess what? The wild woman within is stirring. Maybe she’ll roar. Or maybe she’ll sing. Or may we’ll hear her laughing like rolling thunder over the Great Divide.