Winter Within

In times of unrest, be they within or around us, change is not only inevitable, but possibly profound. Within every internal revolution, there awakens the opportunity for powerful growth. This and every Rite of Passage opens the door and invites us to step through. We hesitate, knowing we can never go backward. We will never be the innocent child again. Moving forward here takes great courage, responsibility and commitment to both our self and our sense of being in the bigger picture. It also takes love – for ourselves,  for those near and dear to us, for our world.

It does not happen overnight. There is no instant enlightenment along this path. It is slow and possibly painful at times. Like the Phoenix arising, the butterfly becoming, or even the tiny chick pecking its way from the shell, transformation is a process. As with every epic adventure, along the way, the direction may change, we may find ourselves off course at times, tempted and lured and seduced from the path, and triumphant at the end – not because we arrived at a certain place, but because of the process.

Remember, it’s not the destination, it’s the journey.

This personal revolution is a silent transformation. It may bring us around the world, and perhaps even to the underworld, and who knows, may drop us off exactly where we started. Things may look exactly the same. Same house, same job, same partner waking beside you… Only everything has changed, because we have changed. The one goal we have in this journey then is to have this change be a beautiful one. Our journey is about birthing the magnificent Matriarch from with.

The journey, and this blog, is about that journey; wandering with us, if not exactly leading us (for how can we be led on our personal transformation that is unique to each of us) through the process of diving deep, taking a good, clear look at the Whole You, and along the way opens opportunities for understanding, healing and growth. We begin with this time of releasing, letting go. The symbolic cleansing, fast or silent retreat. From here, we will begin to unravel the intricate web that is the Whole You, discover or uncover your beautiful, brilliant uniqueness, your gift to the world and to life.

But first, let us be here now, be her now, and be still in this time of letting go.

Revel in the silence and simplicity of the winter within.