Before we take a good look at some of life’s biggies, like who you are what makes you tick and what you can do to feel full and fine within, let’s pause here. Just stop for a minute and breath. Look around. Look within. Feel the love. Accept what you feel.

I like the analogy of Winter as the season of our soul so needed for slowing down and looking within.  In our crazy daze of busy-ness that the world around is, Winter is that time of dormancy, hibernation, inner reflection, and slowing down which is over due, in high demand, and really quite natural. For each of us, that inner winter may be expressed with a daily practice, or maybe something we find time for once a week, or one season every year, every decade, or once in our lifetime when our body often triggers the message loud and clear to SLOW DOWN.

Otherwise, we’ve got one hand swiping the big screen trying to keep up with the latest greatest, and a phone (yes, we still call these things “phones”)  in the other with a text coming in, post going out, photo being shared, a meeting coming up, appointments overlapping, multi-tasking, yet, sorry, we’ve been crazy busy, you know how it gets, and we don’t have time and got to go ‘cause we’re running late for what we’re not so sure but we know it’s the thing, think it’s important, are certain it matters and we don’t want to miss out.

We’re caught up in this epidemic of busy-ness.  It’s become the social norm. And so many of us are buying into it, supporting it, and identifying with it. Busy has become our reality, the new normal, our identity, our sense of self. Self created. Self inflicted. 

Some days we feel sucked in, stuck and see no way out of this powerful spinning spiral. This is just how it is, we tell ourselves, and are told. It’s all about accomplishment, achievement, goals and success… Or is it? For who defines your success? As if busy-ness might bring us self worth and social status, help us understand where we are in the bigger picture, and what we’re all about. Does it? We’re usually too busy to know for sure.

Simplicity? Nice as that sounds, really, we don’t have time for those things. We don’t take the time. Don’t make the time. We’re completely caught up in this cycle. Too much else going on. Big stuff. Important stuff. And really, we’re pretty important people.You know how it is.

What happens if we let go? Will the bottom fall out and we find ourselves floating, out of control, without the safety of social identity, title, label, status and involvement? The emperor without his clothes.

Simplicity seems so far away. And yet, most of feel a yearning we do our best to overcome. Something in us, and not that hidden, knows. We need that down time, that time of reflection, time to just breath, think, feel, allow.

If you’re ready, you can choose it. Just for a minute. Try it. The world will go on just fine without you.

And if you’re not, that’s okay too.  Keep on going as you were.  If that’s working for you, great.  No need to read on.  Keep on with what you were doing, because chances are, it’s a Very Important Thing.