Direction: Self Directed.

Throughout this journey together, I’m going to share ideas, suggestions, even projects and exercises. Take what works for you; leave the rest behind. I’m not going to claim I have all the answers. I don’t believe any one does. If this journey is about self empowerment, it can’t be about me or  my ego or anyone else telling you what to do or what you need. Only you know that – or you’ll figure it out. That’s the whole point of this journey, and without doing it this way, well, we’re missing the biggest point of all: the point about self. Self growth. Self care. Self responsibility. Understanding of self. Love of self.

I’ll encourage. I’ll share some tasty tidbits that work for me or that I’ve seen work for others. But let’s seriously stress the free choice thing here. Ultimately, it’s up to you. What feels right for you?

Be mindful of your choices.

With mindfulness come clarity. And in your clarity, allow yourself to be responsible, understanding, compassionate, and forgiving.

Take what feels right. Leave the rest behind, or alter to taste.

Trust yourself.

Honor yourself.

Love yourself.