Who are you today?

In  winter

she blooms

Fragrant bright and wild


Where am I going

you ask

And I tell you

I do not know.


Dancing in the wind


In the crossroads of our lives, there is so much new, it’s overwhelming. New boundaries, new identities, new perceptions, new feelings. What we once clung to no longer holds us up. We feel vulnerable. Confused. Uncertain. We are frightened by the ever present feeling that the bottom is falling out, and we are unsure if our wings will hold us up.

Stand up, sister!

Perhaps you cannot fly.

But all of us can dance.


Seems like we’re hard wired to question the meaning of life, our place, point and purpose within the bigger picture, and continually ask that ever changing and elusive question:

Who am I?

In times of great upheaval, this becomes even more pressing. Our need to know becomes intense as does the ever present questioning of ourselves and our situation. It’s like, the more we realize we do not know, the more hungry we are to understand. It’s as if safety, boundaries, are defined and bring comfort from knowing, or at least, thinking we know, who and what we are, our place in the big picture, and some simple expectations of the world around us. And when those things don’t prove to be as we thought they were, our world turns upside down.

Once again, we can glide over the surface, careful not to tread too deep in fear perhaps of breaking through. And if that works for you, that’s fine. Good for you. Go for it.

But not everyone is satisfied staying on the surface. Some of us can’t help ourselves. We need to crack that smooth outer shell and see what’s inside. We need to dive in. Head first, at times. To life. To living. To knowing and understanding. To finding the answers to the deep, dark questions. To trying to figure out the answer to that ever changing question of who you are. I’m guessing if you’re reading this book, you’re of this sort.

Whatever sort you are, you were, you are becoming into, embrace your self. Here and now, please make a promise to yourself that you will accept yourself as you are. Sure, you will evolve. You will dream. You will change. That is a certainty. But what a difference our lives would be if every day we awoke to a feeling of acceptance, of belonging, of feeling we are exactly where we need to be at this very moment. We can feel that way. Why not begin, here and now?

(Be her now!)