It’s about transformation.

This is about transformation…

Here’s a funny thing. When I set out to start this website, it was aimed at educating and empowering women through their Rites of Passages, their Blood Rites – those major life shifts and sacred transformations – especially pregnancy/birth and menopause.

Somewhere along the way, I realized this: There are as many men who read these posts as women.

Here’s my theory as to why. It’s two fold. First, because somewhere within, often in those deep dark places they may not overtly express, Men either long to understand Women more, and/or Men care to explore the Great Feminine inside and around them. And if that all sounds too much for some of you, maybe you’re one of those just trying to better understand the mysterious women in your life, and get some insight into what they’re going through.

My second theory is that Men are deprived of the Rites of Passages we women face. For Women, the Rite of Passage are clear: we begin to bleed; we birth (and this can be metaphorical, of course); we cease bleeding. But Men? There is something missing in their lives that mark the great shifts that takes a boy into manhood, or begin the onset of fatherhood, or that signals the movement into middle and older age. There’s a void that some wish to fulfill. Maybe through understanding the Women’s Rites of Passages, we all can can find the honor and grace of our own personal transformations.

In any case, we’re a mixed group here, and I’m pleased to welcome whoever finds themselves within these words, or can collect some wisdom to help you through your own wild ride in this journey of every changing life.

Most of what I’ve written about in the past was supporting women and families through the sacred transformation that is birth. It was all about empowerment through education. For how can we feel we’re making the right choice unless we know what our choices are? So, we explore. We excavate. We learn a lot about ourselves and our unique formula in the process. And then we move forward with clarity and confidence. That’s what we’ve been sharing. I still go back there from time to time as my experiences holding space for women and families through birth continues.

And then we took a turn. Towards another Sacred Transformation in the Women’s Circle. Menopause. The great awakening within. Something society too often overlooks, or rather, turns a blind eye and a hush voice rather than looking straight on and shouting out loud. We’ve been playing with it in much of the same way: empowerment through education. Evolution through openness. Working towards clarity and confidence. And having fun along the way.

What we talk about is transformation. Moving from one place in our lives to another. The powerful process of person growth.

So please, if you find yourself resonating with any aspect of what we’re sharing here, may these words encourage you, empower you, support you, and help you know you are not alone in these challenging times, these wild rides, these sacred transformations of our lives.

Welcome, friends, sisters, brothers, sons and daughters. Let’s enjoy the journey together.