An important note on this website and this blog:

Please allow me to start with a two part disclaimer. With this I hope to clarify my intentions in creating this site and sharing these words.

First, my beliefs are mine. I do not wish to impose them upon you. And I don’t ever mean to offend. My goal is a positive one, yet how this unfolds may not be perfect. There is no perfect. It’s a matter of acceptance, intention and effort.

It takes a great deal of courage (and time) for me to share these words with you. My hope is that some of what I share encourages, empowers, opens, and maybe even helps you move forward stronger, more clear, more wise, more self directed. At the same time, I hope you will respect this effort, but I do not expect you to feel the same. If you do not, rather than insult or negate or criticize, please honor the effort and intention respectfully, or please bow out gracefully and move on. That too is part of what “being her now” is all about. Making positive choices. Being the most honorable and respectful person we can be now. May we all try.

If you do care to stay a while, if you chose to belong here, I welcome you warmly with all my heart. I believe we all want to belong. Sometimes that means extending ourselves in ways that feel uncomfortable, out of our comfort zone. Like sharing this blog is for me!  That’s the journey of personal growth. 

Second, for any and all activities that I may suggest you try, I will not make the usual recommendation that you first check with your physician and a list of other requirements. That’s your business, not mine. And that’s your responsibility, not mine.  I am here to support your choices, even if you are exploring what those choices can be. What I will ask is that you ask yourself. You are your own authority. If you feel you need to check in and confirm with another authority, please do. If you are comfortable checking in and confirming with your inner self, please do. This is about trust. I will trust you to trust yourself and act in your own best judgment, honor, responsibility and self direction.

Please think about these two points. I feel these are essential to understanding and embracing the wisdom, stories and crazy ideas shared herein, as well as in your growing sense of inner respect which you will need to rely on throughout any Sacred Transformation, and throughout life.

May we work together here and now for a greater understanding.

Be well. Be wise. Be wonderful. Be wild. Be whatever you want to be.

With love and light and gratitude for life,