Be her now.

Being her now means accepting, honoring, understanding, and even loving who we are now. It means being today the person we want to be, the person we admire, the person we feel good about. We can be – here and now. What are we waiting for?

We can’t all be everything we want to be now. I know we wish we had it all figured out, but that’s what living is all about. We know our personal journey, our own evolution is a process, ongoing, never ending. Hold onto your hats, and enjoy the ride! Better yet, strap yourself in behind the wheel and live your life from the drivers seat.

Wild Mountain Matrona was started as a website support for women going through the Sacred Transformation of pregnancy and birth as I was becoming a midwife and doula. As my life evolved, and I passed through another of the great feminine Blood Rites, the Sacred Transformation of Menopause, so then did this website evolve to expand and include support for the emerging Matriarch.

What Wild Mountain Matrona has become is a site for supporting all women passing through or contemplating their primal passages and their own inner knowing. More women today are interested in discovering their choices throughout the stages of life and taking responsibility for their greatest body, mind and soul, and their highest life.

May you commit to yourself: to accepting your own beautiful, unique self as you are here and now; and at the same time, striving, opening, unfurling, transforming into your highest self. May you commit to the practices that help you both evolve and just feel peaceful and at ease with who you are, here and now.

What is Wild Mountain Matrona all about? Empowering the self directed woman to explore while remaining safe and sound and balanced. Connecting with the whole self. Encouraging self knowledge and self nurturing. Enjoying as fully as one can her place in life and the Sacred Transformations she may be moving through.

I’m not here to direct you. You are a self directed woman. I am here to be with you and encourage you as you explore and discover your own beautiful, unique life. You are your own guru.

Wild Mountain Matrona and the Be Her Now Blog are intended to be without labels, judgment, criticism or assumptions. Rather, they are created to be an open, expansive, and positive place to safely share inspiration, ideas, support and wisdom. This is a place to encourage and empower. If it’s not for you, I respect that. Please respect in kind this space, and leave quietly.

This website and blog are ever-changing. As you are. As I am. The direction and contents of this site may naturally change as life does.

For now, dig in. Explore. Excavate. And I’ll work to organize, contemplate and compose and share! Please be patient as I get this together. It is evolving as we are.

Building confidence, character and wholeness as well as a clear understanding of your body, mind and soul… now and throughout this wild ride that is our life.